Use stars like never before

We have made a small but significant change today. Favorites are now called Stars and there are some little functional changes around them. First about the naming. Favorites implies that you save items there forever – those are you favorite items and you want them organized there. However it’s not how we imagined this section […]

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Inoreader 3.0 for Android brings gestures, integrations, better sharing and more…

It’s been a while since our 2.0 release, but we’ve been up to a lot during this time! We’ve just released our latest version to Google Play and it’s packed with features, some of which were anticipated by many of you. Initially the release was labeled as 2.1, but it ended up with so many […]

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Save your ideas, now faster than ever with Yinxiang Biji (Evernote China)

Evernote is an important part of many people’s everyday lives. In 2012 Evernote launched its Chinese service Yinxiang Biji in an attempt to greatly improve the experience of their service in the third biggest country in the world. It was a success! Today, our team is proud to announce to you the integration of Yinxiang Biji in Inoreader! All […]

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The all-new Inoreader for iPad is here

If you’re an iPad user, you’ve probably noticed that the layout of our Inoreader app was not ideal for the tablet screen. But this is changing today with the all-new Inoreader 2.0 app, now available on iTunes. The biggest change is the redesigned interface for iPad, but there are a couple of other nifty updates, like […]

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Inoreader can now read Google+

After introducing Twitter and VK integration, we’re ready to add Google+ to Inoreader’s social feed options. You can add a G+ user, page or search to your feeds and have the freedom to organize information in folders, work with your favorite rules, search for content and more. First, the practicalities. In order to subscribe to […]

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Follow your VK friends’ updates straight from Inoreader

Today we’d like to introduce the newest addition to our social feed channels – VK (VKontakte/ВКонтакте). Now you can subscribe to user feeds from the most popular social network for Russian and Ukranian speakers with a click of a button, straight from within Inoreader. As is the case with our Twitter feeds, VK feeds give […]

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Easily view your billing information and usage statistics

I want to start this post by thanking all of you who decided to purchase a Plus or Professional plan! Inoreader is here to stay and to continuously improve. Your funding is helping us in achieving this. Thank you!   We have just added a new section in Preferences, called Billing and usage. From there, you can […]

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Rowing down the Twitter stream with Inoreader

Update Oct 20 2014 – You can now subscribe to Twitter lists and your Home timeline! Read more at the end of the post. If you’re anything like us, then you sure find Twitter helpful – no matter if it helps you get updates from your friends or serves as a monitoring tool for professional […]

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Bundles: collect, share and discover the best sources for your topics

Hello all, My name is Vassilena and I’ve recently joined the Innologica team as Communications Specialist. I’m a passionate reader, an amateur photographer and interested in all things related to technology, marketing and communications. Nice meeting you! Today I’ll have the pleasure to present to you our newest feature – Bundles. You can also read […]

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