Big bugfix release and a new sign in screen

Every now and then we have to slow down a bit with the new features and focus on fixing things. We have spent the last couple of weeks doing just that and in the mean time we have even managed to squeeze a new, lighter and more straight forward Sign In (and registration) screen. It will even replace the mobile landing page, giving you the possibility to use your Facebook account.


Here’s the list of fixed bugs:

  • Fixed an erroneous “You are already subscribed” message when adding feeds
  • Fixed a cookie interference with default sort order, causing it to not be remembered sometimes
  • Fixed an issue with the search not showing more than around 400 results
  • Fixed back button issue in feed discovery and Firefox
  • Fixed wrong publishing dates in Youtube feeds (will affect only new feeds)
  • Made some performance optimisations when loading huge volumes of articles in list and expanded view
  • Fixed an issue with “Mark above as read” function in “Oldest first” mode. It was refreshing the articles list when it shouldn’t
  • Fixed an issue with “All articles” section not being highlighted on first load
  • Fixed an issue with double quotes breaking some edit boxes (rename feed, folder)
  • Fixed scan tracking issue in expanded view
  • Fixed an issue with star icons in column view
We have also updated most of the translations (Big thanks for all translators!).