Bundles are now available in our beta

Do you want to test drive our latest feature before it’s officially released?

We have just rolled a new release in beta.inoreader.com with support for feed bundles – a feature, which some of you might recall from Google Reader.

Bundles allows you to create collections of feeds and share them with other Inoreader users. This way you can create interesting collections on topics, which are otherwise hard to find.

To get started, go to Preferences -> Bundles and create your first one. You can also add images to your bundles.
They can be then discovered by other users by searching or browsed in the new discovery section.

Oh, about that last one – now when you click the big plus sign on the toolbar, you will get a new discovery window with our new categories and the most popular bundles on the right.
The discovery section will get more improvements in the near future, before the official release, like better bundle search and organization.

You can also easily create a bundle from a folder by right-clicking on it and choosing “Create bundle”:

Inoreader beta is available here:

Please tell is in the comments here if you have suggestions or if you encountered a bug.

Remember that this is a beta test and things are not yet finished, so they may/will change before the final release.

You can also become an official beta tester and gain early access to releases. Just sign up in our forum.