Additions to rules #2

Continuing from our previous Additions to rules post, we are excited to announce to you the latest changes in this feature.

You can now be even more flexible when using rules to send articles to read-later or note-taking services.
Just look at the screenshot below and you’ll get an idea of what’s new:


  • Conditions
    • You can now choose “Title or content” for matching. Previously you had to add two conditions and you were obliged to use the “Match any of the following” scope.
    • You can now create conditions for article URLs too. Only the part after the domain will be searched though. For example only the blue part of this URL will be matched against your query:
    • A new conditions “Doesn’t match regular expression” was added.
  • Actions
    • Pocket and Readability – you can now enter a list of tags that will be assigned to the saved items.
    • Instapaper – you can now choose a specific folder from your Instapaper folders.
    • Evernote – you can now choose a specific notebook.
There are other changes too, although they are are bit harder to spot:
  • “Match everything” was renamed to “Match unconditionally” to avoid the confusion that this item created in the past.
  • A new counter was added to the rules list to show you the number of matched articles for the last day.
  • When you unsubscribe from a feed, any rules that are set to it will now be disabled. When you open the rule, you will see a note that the feed is no longer available. The same behaviour applies to folders too.
  • Some other cosmetic changes to the rule dialog.
  • A new icon was added in the subscriptions (and folders) manager. It will allow you to quickly create a new rule and will light up in yellow if an active rule is monitoring the feed (or the folder). Hovering the icon will show you a list of those rules. See the screenshot below:

As a bonus we have also added! as a sharing service.

Another addition from last week is the handling of title-less articles. You won’t see (Unknown title) as before, but rather a snippet from the article content. This change was done in our backend, so all connected apps (even 3rd party ones) can benefit from it.

P.S. there’s a little Easter egg in the rules screenshot. Can you spot it? 🙂

The Innologica team