Inoreader can now read Google+

Google announced that they are retiring Google+ and related APIs in January 2019, so we had to remove the Google+ integration from Inoreader.

After introducing Twitter and VK integration, we’re ready to add Google+ to Inoreader’s social feed options. You can add a G+ user, page or search to your feeds and have the freedom to organize information in folders, work with your favorite rules, search for content and more.

First, the practicalities. In order to subscribe to Google plus profiles, you’ll have to update your Google+ token, even if you have already linked your G+ account to Inoreader. This can happen when you first add a Google+ feed, or straight from Preferences -> Integration in your preferences menu. This is required, as we need some new permissions to work with your connections’ feeds.
Linking your G+ profile to Inoreader straight after adding a feed in Discovery mode
Update your Google+ token, even if you have already linked G+
Then all you have to do is click the Discovery button (the big Plus at top left) and paste the URL of the Google+ profile you want to follow. This can be either the vanity URL (e.g., the regular system URL (e.g. or even the link to a specific post of the user (
You can also search in Google+ and subscribe to searches straight within Inoreader. Just type the query in Discovery mode and switch to Google+ – there you’ll see both users and posts that match your search criteria. Subscribe to this search or to any of the users or pages that look interesting.
Searching within Google+
At this point, the API of Google+ doesn’t allow subscribing to Google+ communities, but if there is any opportunity for adding this functionality in the future, we will surely jump for it 🙂


Once you add the Google+ profile feed, you can work with it like any other feed in Inoreader – add the feed to your preferred folder, get some rules on the way, add the appropriate tags. Me, I’m currently going through the feeds of some really cool scientists to add to my Science folder. What’s the first Google+ profile you’ll add? Go ahead, play with our new functionality!

Due to some technical restrictions, at this point we will not be able to allow Google+ feeds for Basic users. Plus users can have 10 G+ feeds and Professional users can have up to 30 G+ feeds. If you want more flexibility, you might consider an upgrade. If you still haven’t tried the many benefits of Pro accounts, you can get a 1-month free trial.

You can check how many feeds you’ve already subscribed to in our new Billing and usage section in Preferences: