Rowing down the Twitter stream with Inoreader

Update Oct 20 2014 – You can now subscribe to Twitter lists and your Home timeline!

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If you’re anything like us, then you sure find Twitter helpful – no matter if it helps you get updates from your friends or serves as a monitoring tool for professional topics. Now we’ll help you gently roll down with the Twitter stream with our newest functionality – Twitter search and user feeds. Built for the real information junkie, it comes supercharged with everything else Inoreader has to offer – rules, tags and much much more!
You just have to click the big Plus Discovery button at the top left to start and add a Twitter stream. Copy the link of a Twitter search with keywords to your liking, or the link to a profile page of a Twitter user you want to follow and enter the URL.

Inoreader will automatically detect the type of feed. The platform will ask you to link your Twitter profile, if you haven’t done so by now, in order to use the functionality. Then you’re all set to go and subscribe to a Twitter stream.


When you search within Inoreader, you will now also be able to search for Twitter content – that’s a convenient way to find new interesting Twitter users or streams of useful tweets. You can subscribe to both user and search feeds straight from the page, without leaving the Inoreader platform.
You can also add Twitter streams from our browser extensions, so you have full on-the-go functionality to catalogue the best content without even opening the Inoreader web platform.

Twitter feeds behave just like any other feed in Inoreader. This means you can use your favorite rules, your carefully built system of tags and every other core Inoreader functionality. Go ahead and try it out today – a little birdie told us you’re going to enjoy it!

Update Oct 20 2014 – You can now subscribe to Twitter lists and your Home timeline!

To subscribe to lists, just copy the list URL and paste it in the Inoreader Discovery section (The big plus on the toolbar), exactly the same way as for Twitter profiles.
To subscribe to your Home timeline, go to Preferences -> Integration -> Twitter and click Subscribe to your Home feed.

Twitter feeds are available to all users, but there are some restrictions:

  • Starter users can have one Twitter feed.
  • Plus users can have up to 30 Twitter feeds.
  • Professional users can have up to 100 Twitter feeds.
If you want more flexibility, you might consider an upgradeIf you still haven’t tried the many benefits of Pro accounts, you can get a 1-month free trial, no credit card needed!