Reach older articles more easily

One of the core benefits of using Inoreader instead of social networks for following content is that it always keeps track of what you read, so you don’t see the same stories again. They are always there for you if you need to access them later, but you need to switch off the unread filter […]

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Enhancements to Twitter feeds

When we launched Twitter feeds last year, we were focused on bringing you the essence of each tweet’s contents. That way you could follow updates across the world as they happened, set up rules to notify you for something really important, or organize everything in tags. Since then Twitter implemented a lot of changes and […]

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Dropbox Integration

No matter if it is your favorite bacon recipes, game reviews or the latest gadget news, you will always want some article to be available on PDF, because …well PDF is great! And so is Dropbox! Now you can link your Inoreader and Dropbox accounts together and save your favorite pieces of content with a […]

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Automatic OPML backups

Every now and then you can stumble upon a situation where you want to restore your subscriptions because of some error. In such cases the first question is “When was the last time I made a backup of my OPML file?”. We are now making this question obsolete. As soon as you have a Plus […]

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An upgraded and faster search

Search is one of the fundamental features users turn to Inoreader for. No matter if we’re talking about free search in all your articles or the much more full and powerful Global Search for all public articles, we know our users rely on search to look for important information or find new one. And we […]

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9 cool Recipes to automate for success with Inoreader and IFTTT

Some time has passed since we announced the Inoreader channel on IFTTT and we’ve seen some great Recipes for automating content discovery, organization and sharing. It has been instrumental to learn from some 4000 users who are relying on IFTTT and Inoreader for their day-to-day information needs. With over 7000 Recipes and close to 4 […]

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Proofy – a new app from the Inoreader team

You may have guessed by now – our team is involved in many different projects beside Inoreader. But this is the first time we want to share one of our new apps with you. Prepare to meet Proofy! As we all know, the Internet is a place where lots of fake pictures circulate, so you […]

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Stay on top of the news with Inoreader and Google News

Google News is one of the indispensable ways to keep up with the latest developments of your industry, the affairs of your home country or the announcements of your favorite brands. Now you can follow Google News with just a couple of clicks – completely free, like most other search types in Inoreader! Let’s say […]

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Inoreader Basic – now with fewer ads

  Users with Basic accounts will probably notice that they are now seeing fewer ads in Inoreader. We’ve taken into account your feedback and drastically reduced the amount of ads you’ll chance upon while using the web platform – in order to both make the user experience better and increase performance. Starting now, we will […]

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Open background tabs in Firefox

So far only our users with Chrome have been able to revel in the glory of the B shortcut – that helpful ally that lets you open items from Inoreader in a background tab, thus letting you still focus on the reading experience, while keeping webpages you want to visit later. It’s not like we […]

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