Additions to rules #3

Rules can be a very handy way to automate your reading workflow and perform different actions based on content filters in near-real-time. You can tag, mark or send articles as they arrive in your reader, with a wide array of options.
If you’re using Rules in Inoreader, you will be happy to know we have made a couple of additions (after the first and second set of functions we’ve introduced in the past). You will now find even more matching options that will help you specify content you want to process more easily.

New matching conditions

We have added several new matching conditions:
  • Match the full URL – up until now you could only match the URL after the domain, but now you can match a full URL, including the domain name. This will allow for targeting your favorite sites and applying rules to them.
  • Match if the article has attachments – you can select articles with enclosures like podcast, photo or document links.
  • Match if the article contains pictures – this will allow you to select articles with images. To facilitate your process, we have excluded some images, like favicons, emoticons or avatar pictures, as well as any image smaller than 32×32 pixels.
  • Match if the article contains videos – the list of videos Inoreader will check for includes 15 websites: YouTube, Vimeo, Ustream, Twitch and more.
Rules are available to all users, but there are some restrictions:
  • Starter users can have one rule.
  • Plus users can have up to 30 rules.
  • Professional users can have unlimited rules.

Check out all upgrade options here.

How can we make Rules better?

We will be expanding Rules more over the next months and we’ll need your help. Tell us what other options you’d find helpful and what do you use Rules most often for?