Bundles are now easier to manage

Bundles have long been a way to collect, share and discover the best sources for your interest topics in Inoreader. Now bundles are becoming even more useful – they will not be a fixed set of subscriptions, but a dynamic medium that is updated in your account whenever the creator of the bundle adds something new to it.

Up until now, whenever you subscribed to a bundle, you got an organized folder with the subscriptions it included, but nothing more. If you wanted to be updated with the bundle’s new additions, you could check the bundle and add new subscriptions to your Inoreader manually.

Now when you subscribe to a bundle, you will be able to add the new subscriptions easily to your bundle folder. You’ll get notified every time a feed is added to one of your subscribed bundles:

You can then click on the notification and check the newly added subscriptions. You also have a quick way to unsubscribe from the specific bundle – just uncheck the box in the notification window:

You will find the new subscriptions in the bundle folder – keeping up with the original bundle contents has never been easier!

If a feed is removed from the bundle, you will still have it in your Inoreader, as we do not feel comfortable with removing subscriptions from your account. If you have rearranged a bundle’s feeds and deleted the bundle folder, the bundle feeds will not be synced with your account. But if you want to rename the folder, don’t worry – you will still get information about any changes to the bundle. Any feeds that you have removed from the bundle folder or unsubscribed from will not be synced again, so that you will only get further new updates to the set.

You will start receiving notifications about new additions even for bundles you’ve subscribed to before this update. You will also receive notifications about any new subscribers to bundles you’ve created. If you don’t want these, you can make the necessary setting change when editing your bundle:

What do you think of all these changes? Tell us in the comments!