Inoreader How-to: keep tabs on your reading patterns with Statistics

If you have lots of information in your Inoreader, there surely is a way to optimize your subscriptions and your reading pattern – and here you can get help from your Inoreader Statistics. They are a powerful way to get an idea about the state of your feeds and to better understand your reading patterns.

You can easily find Statistics in the tree pane below your subscriptions. This will open the Statistics window, where you can see all the information at a glance. The first thing you’ll look at is a doughnut graph of your read and unread articles. This statistic covers stats from the last 30 days and counts only the articles you’ve actually spent time to read – so any articles that have been marked as read through a mass action will also show as unread.

On the right-hand side you can see graphs for posted and read articles, as a breakdown by date for the last month, or by time of day and day of the week, as an average for the lifetime stats of your account.

The most useful part of the Statistics page is the detailed information for each of your feeds. here you can see lots of information, including:

  • The update interval for each feed so you know which feeds to boost
  • The date you subscribed to the feed
  • The timestamp of the last post – feeds with no posts in the last 2 weeks or longer are marked in red
  • The number of articles, the number of read articles as an absolute value and a percentage
  • Any starred or tagged articles from this subscription

You also have access to some feed options, like viewing the feed information, opening the website or feed XML, editing the feed title or deleting the feed.

You have access to statistics by feed or folder, too – just right-click on any feed or folder and choose View feed information. Here you’ll see everything there is to know about the specific feed, including your reading interaction with it.

You can also add statistics to your dashboard. The Statistics gadget can show your Read vs Unread graph, any of your reading statistics or subscriptions ordered by one of the many feed details. Just add the gadget and click its gear menu for settings changes.

You can then even create a dashboard that covers all your statistics and check it for full reading information. Here’s how one of these might look like, much to the appreciation of control lovers:
Do you get insights about your reading with Statistics? Tell us in the comments! If you want to know more about optimizing your work with Inoreader, check out the rest of our How-to posts.