Introducing a way to tag any piece of content: Mail2Tag

Using tags is a powerful way to organize your content and one of our most used features. You can use tags in Inoreader manually or automatically with Rules, and with the introduction of Saved web pages you can also add any articles found on the web. Now we’re making tags even more powerful with our newest feature – Mail2Tag.

What is Mail2Tag?

If you’re anything like the average user, you probably receive more than 100 emails per day (yes, people did the math). Some of this information surely you don’t need – come on, how many eshopping newsletters can you get?! But other emails are crucial and you need to keep the information – either for referencing it later or simply to remind yourself to actually read it. Mail2Tag is a new way to add any piece of content by saving it to Inoreader via email.

What can Mail2Tag help you with?

  • mark the email from your vacation agency so that you can read later the guide to the place you’re visiting;
  • use tags to create a logging system – for example, configure your weekly fitness progress emails to be sent straight to a tag email, so that you have one place for your weekly reports;
  • use tags for system monitoring alerts and keep track of errors or downtime;
  • subscribe to newsletters and marketing emails with your tag email address – keep your inbox clean of promotional messages, but don’t miss out on deals;
  • move the notifications from your project management systems to your Inoreader and unclutter your mailbox and keep a close eye on your project’s development.

You will probably think of many other ways to use Mail2Tag in a combination with other powerful Inoreader features – the possibilities are almost endless!

Setting up Mail2Tag

Here’s how it works. Each of your Inoreader tags has a system email that you can find by right-clicking your tag and clicking the Get Email address option.

You will also see this email address in the View tag information option in the right-click menu. The tag information includes the tag email:

When you send an email to this address it will be added as an article in your tag. Inoreader supports both plain text and HTML emails, so you can save any kind of email. Any inline images will be saved in your article.

The structure of your tag email is developed in a way to prevent others randomly guessing it. Add your tag email to the address book of your email client with an easy to remember alias so that you can easily forward emails.

Mail2Tag is available for Plus and Professional accounts. If you still haven’t tried the many benefits of Pro accounts, you can get a 1-month free trial.

What will you use Mail2Tag for? Let us know in the comments!