Additions to rules #4 (new triggers and chaining of multiple rules)

If you are already using Inoreader, chances are that you already use rules or at least heard of them.
Simply said they are an automatic way to organize and manage articles in your Inoreader, just like you organize your email. If you haven’t had the chance, check out our previous posts about how to save time with rules, additions to rules #1, additions to rules #2¬†and additions to rules #3.

Previously rules could only operate on incoming articles. There were 3 options – if articles arrive in your account, folder or subscription. This means that it was impossible to attach rules to stars, tags, active searches or other actions. This is changing today!

Now you can attach rules to trigger on other actions. Here the full list:

  • New article in account
  • New article in folder
  • New article in subscription
  • New active search result
  • New tagged article
  • New starred article
  • New liked article
  • New broadcasted article
  • New saved web page
  • Another rule matched successfully
The last one is particularly interesting. It will allow you to chain multiple rules to work together, so you could create really complex rule sets.
We also did some optimizations last week to further improve rules performance and to finally squash the bug where filtered feeds with rules attached to them sometimes triggered rules for already filtered articles.

We are always open for suggestions and issue reports. As a reminder here’s how to send your feedback.

The Inoreader team