Fully customize your tree pane

Inoreader has always been the power-user multi-tool. It goes beyond your regular RSS reader by allowing you to heavily customize it, organize your content and automate workflows. However so much power features can have a side effect – the user interface might get cramped for you, especially if you don’t use all of the features.
That’s why we have added the possibility to fully customize your tree pane. You can access the configurator in two ways:

  1. By scrolling down to the bottom of the tree and clicking Configure tree items.
  2. From the gear that shows when you hover your mouse over the tree.

Use drag and drop to rearrange the tree sections and the checkboxes to hide the ones that you don’t use. Some of the section only show up when there is content (like Tags for example), so you might not have them in the tree pane yet. See it in action in this short screencast

We’ve also upgraded our drag&drop functionality in the tree pane itself, so it should now be smoother and will allow you to put feeds inside folders without first expanding them.

We hope that the newest addition to our arsenal of features will help you stay productive by allowing you even more control over how Inoreader looks and behaves.

The Inoreader team