Track your current position in a section with our new progress indicator

We are happy to announce to you our latest feature. A small and unobtrusive progress bar will now show up in the footer. It will tell you how many articles you’ve scrolled by and how many are left. It works in all views, but only in “Unread only” mode.

In its second form it will show as a blue line at the bottom of the screen whenever you open an article in card view or magazine view. This way you will always know how many articles you have left to read in the current section without needing to close the one that you are currently reading.

Here’s a little screencast to help you see it in action:

If for some reason you dislike it, you can easily turn it off by closing the footer or going to Preferences -> Interface -> Article listing and unchecking Article progressbar.

As always your comments and suggestions are welcome.

The Inoreader team