Performance problems with latest version of Google Chrome 52.0.2743.116

We have detected that the latest build of Google Chrome causes serious performance issues on both Mac and PC. The version in question is 52.0.2743.116 on the stable channel, but newer versions might be affected too.

The problem is manifesting in completely different ways on Windows and OS X.

On Windows you might notice jerkiness and stuttering while scrolling large article lists. Frame rate drops significantly while scrolling, even though CPU usage stays below 15%.

On OS X we do not observe such stuttering, but loading of new articles while using the infinite scroll takes much longer – somewhere between 1 and 3 seconds between each batch, instead of the normal 50-200 milliseconds (depending on your network latency). If you constantly see “Loading…” message while scrolling down since yesterday, this is the probable cause.

As a temporary solution you might use another browser until Google fixes those issues. We have tested Firefox, Safari and Edge and they don’t suffer from those issues.

We have tried to play with the settings in about://flags, but without success.
We will try to gather as much details as possible and file a bug on the Chromium tracker. In the mean time if you experience any of those issues, we recommend you to use another browser. If you find a workaround for those issues, be sure to post a comment here. Other users experiencing the same issues will be thankful to you and we will be too.

The Inoreader team