Google Drive Integration

For many, integrations are key part of the Inoreader experience. If you are the solo type – the one who prefers to use Inoreader as a plain reader, you might want to skip this post. However if you are still here, read on to see how you can actually benefit from this.
For those who already see the benefits from service integrations, this should be a very welcome addition.

Following the pattern of our Dropbox integration, we have integrated three major functionalities with Drive:

The major difference is that in Google Drive articles are being saved as editable Google Docs instead of PDF files. This could be very handy if you want to post-process an article before re-blogging it or to annotate it before sharing it with your Google Docs collaborators.

To get started you need to connect your Google Drive account by going to Preferences -> Integration:

To send articles to your Google Drive, just hit the button under the article or choose “In Google Drive” from the more menu (three dots):

Of course you can save articles through our mobile apps too. Just tap the Share button and choose Google Drive:



Google Drive Integration is generally available to all users!

Do you like Google Drive? Do you think the new integration will be useful to you? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

The Inoreader team