Inoreader Brings Online Radio to the Digital Masses with the Help of Audioburst


Why we chose to integrate Audioburst’s API?

For many Americans and other English-speaking nations, consuming radio news while commuting, preparing dinner or cleaning the house is a daily ritual that makes up a significant portion of their information diet. According to Statista, radio is the “third most powerful medium in the United States, reaching 54 percent of the country’s population daily” with 44 percent of the population listening to online radio based on a 2015 census.

Why Audioburst?

Audioburst is a fast growing B2B startup that indexes millions of audio segments (called simply bursts) from a variety of web sources including online radio stations, podcasts and other partners, thus currently boasting the single largest repository of personalized audio content ever collected.

The Audioburst AI allows every second of audio in radio programmes and online podcasts to be analyzed, allowing it to split massive amounts of audio content into short, 3-4 minute bursts covering specific topics.  By integrating Audioburst’s API, Inoreader offers quick snippets of all the leading news stories for consumers to easily and passively consume  information.

What content?

The content offered by the Audioburst platform will initially be organized in 6 RSS feeds covering: Tech, Entertainment, Sports, US News, World News, and Business.


We integrated smoothly with its API and are proud to present our pilot program. Starting today, Tuesday, October 17th 2017, you will be able to follow Audioburst feeds conveniently from our catalogs:
You can use the background player in Inoreader available for any podcasts, .mp3 and audio files in general. Read more about our background player here.
If our pilot programme is embraced by the Inoreader community, we’ll be continuously adding more and more interesting online radio feeds covering specific niche topics.
Now go ahead and try listening to online radio inside Inoreader!