Welcome to Teamblind and the Workplace Community


Huge welcome to Teamblind with a spot on our catalog, a very hot service geared towards folks in tech companies, useful when you are trying to see what other employees think of the organization you are working for (anonymously!). You can see most major tech companies already present on the platform. We especially liked this from their USPs: 

“Transparency results in voice and voice results in change, often for the better.”

Also, a great place to follow topics regarding workplace discussions such as “Women in Tech”, “Compensation” and more. 

How does topics work? – Topics, is designed to make Blind available to a larger audience, still primarily for those working or interested in the technology sector. The goal in building this was to allow the community to move their conversations into deeper, highly engaging topics. Segmented by profession like Engineering, Design, Product Management and even locations like Seattle, San Francisco Bay, Los Angeles, New York.

For a quick way to check out their topics’ RSS feeds click below.

In our eyes, Teamblind’s forums are a place not only for research, but also for making an impact on how organizations are managed, so … double win.  

If you want to know more about their service, read on…

– What is Blind? – An anonymous community app for the workplace. 

– How to Blind? – Your company channel is private to you and your coworkers, meaning everything you post is visible across your organization.

For any further questions, please reach out to Teamblind at blindapp@teamblind.com