Google Drive Integration

For many, integrations are key part of the Inoreader experience. If you are the solo type – the one who prefers to use Inoreader as a plain reader, you might want to skip this post. However if you are still here, read on to see how you can actually benefit from this. For those who […]

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Filters can now permit articles too, not only mute them.

Since the introduction of Filtered feeds back in 2015, tens of thousands of happy Inoreader users use them every day to protect their news feeds by muting unwanted updates. Gradually we realized filtering doesn’t always mean to mute something. There are viable use cases where a filter is better used to permit articles instead of […]

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Filters are now available in our IFTTT channel

If you are using IFTTT with Inoreader, you will be happy to learn that we have recently launched an updated channel with one small, yet very powerful change, Filters: Filtered applets will only run when an article title or content matches the keyword or phrase. And of course since Inoreader is built for power users, we […]

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Read the web in your language with Article Translations

Read this article in Chinese. Great content can be found all around the web. However it’s not always in your native language and depending on where you are this could be a major barrier for you. Not anymore as Inoreader now allows you to translate articles inline, without the need to leave the application! We […]

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Track your current position in a section with our new progress indicator

We are happy to announce to you our latest feature. A small and unobtrusive progress bar will now show up in the footer. It will tell you how many articles you’ve scrolled by and how many are left. It works in all views, but only in “Unread only” mode. In its second form it will […]

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Effortlessly subscribe to YouTube playlists

Last year, we automatically migrated all your YouTube feeds to the new V3 format of YouTube’s API. Now we are releasing a version of Inoreader that allows you to subscribe effortlessly to YouTube playlists. This way you will be the first to know when there is a new video added to the playlist. To subscribe, […]

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Transparency report: data recovery update

You can also read this post in Chinese. We wanted to update you all on the status of the data recovery that we are currently performing. TLDR: Your data is safe! As you probably already know, last Friday, we had a pretty serious outage, resulting in complete data loss of one article storage node, consisting […]

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Magazine view for HTML clips

We are updating our HTML clips today with support for magazine view. Instead of showing the full content of each article, you will now have an image, title and a summary of the article. The clip will look cleaner and more streamlined this way. All newly created HTML clips will use magazine view by default, but […]

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Inoreader API now supports OAuth 2.0

Good news everyone! The Inoreader API now supports OAuth 2.0 for user authentication. Developers can now build better Sign In flows that doesn’t require users to enter passwords in their apps. Why OAuth 2.0? Our previous method for authenticating was the ClientLogin method, which required users to enter their credentials – username (or email) and […]

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Additions to rules #4 (new triggers and chaining of multiple rules)

If you are already using Inoreader, chances are that you already use rules or at least heard of them. Simply said they are an automatic way to organize and manage articles in your Inoreader, just like you organize your email. If you haven’t had the chance, check out our previous posts about how to save […]

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