Additions to rules

Why use rules? Rules are one of the features that we are particularly proud of. Many users still don’t know they even exist and the things they can do with them. They let you create automated workflows that can relieve you from the task of manually filtering what you read. For example you can set […]

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OPML subscriptions

You can also read this post in Chinese. OPML import and export is an integral part of any RSS reader software. It allows users to switch between readers in a breeze and don’t feel locked in at any moment. What happens when you import an OPML file inside your reader? You get a snapshot of […]

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Browser extensions for everyone

We had our Google Chrome browser extension ever since the beginning. At first it was only icon with a counter showing you how far behind you are in your reading schedule. Then a couple of months ago we have updated it to version 2.0 and it became much more than just a reminder. Now you […]

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Boost your feeds!

You can also read this post in Chinese. Our servers are dealing with millions of feeds like the ones you read every day. We have to have this smart mechanism which balances them and fetches every feed at different interval. This interval is calculated from many factors and is aimed to provide you with the […]

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Big bugfix release and a new sign in screen

Every now and then we have to slow down a bit with the new features and focus on fixing things. We have spent the last couple of weeks doing just that and in the mean time we have even managed to squeeze a new, lighter and more straight forward Sign In (and registration) screen. It […]

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Google Chrome Extension 2.0

We are happy to bring you our major update to the Google Chrome extension. This update makes the extension something a lot more than just a notifier. By clicking on the extension icon, you will now see a popup, which shows you a preview with all updated feeds and folders. You can also use search […]

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More control over comments

You can see that we are focused lately on the social stuff. Why? Because it was always there in front of you, but there were many obstacles that made it not very usable or friendly. Comment has improved, but one thing with them remained. Many people don’t know that comments in InoReader are actually public […]

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We told you there’s a little easter egg in the latest beta. It was visible, but not yet fully functional. Today it is available in Don’t ever miss an interaction inside InoReader again. Untill now you had to rely on emails to get notifications about comment reply and they were very limited. Currently you will get […]

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