New Professional Feature: Secure Image Proxy

At Inoreader we are committed to deliver a fast, robust and pivotally – a secure platform. Feeds’ images are one potential vulnerability spot that can leak personal data through tracking pixels among other methods. The Secure Image Proxy directs your image requests solely to our own servers and not to the original source. We do the […]

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New Feature: Keep Only Today’s News in a Folder

We have been getting numerous requests from you – our users – to include a way to control how long articles are kept as unread inside a folder, where the main reason behind this is you only want to see the freshest, most relevant content for your selected folders. This is a great feature especially […]

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Announcing JSON Feed support

You can now subscribe to JSON Feed in Inoreader! JSON Feed seem to have gained a lot of traction in the past few days. While it does mean that we had to do some extra work to support it, we think that it was well worth it. At the moment there are just a handful of […]

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Get news in your language with our new localized catalog

Many people rely on Inoreader to get news and updates primarily in the English language. Local news are often as important, but usually more difficult to find. That’s why in the past few months we have worked together with partners in select countries to build a localized catalog with the best sources for localized news. […]

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Read the web in your language with Article Translations

Read this article in Chinese. Great content can be found all around the web. However it’s not always in your native language and depending on where you are this could be a major barrier for you. Not anymore as Inoreader now allows you to translate articles inline, without the need to leave the application! We […]

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Stay informed everywhere with Offline Folders

Read this article in Chinese. It’s time for yet another major release for our Android and iOS apps. This time we are proud to bring you one of the most requested features to date – Offline Folders. We have considered full offline mode for a long time, but synchronizing your whole account could lead to […]

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New goodies – video indicators, printable hotkeys and more

Here at Inoreader we are always working hard to improve your experience. We are always fixing bugs and issues with priority, but in the mean time we are also developing new features and improving the current ones. Here are the most notable changes that are available since this week. Indicators for videos in card view […]

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A new way to send articles to your mobile devices

Ever wondered what is the best way to send an article to your mobile phone while reading it on While there are many ways to do this (stars, tags), none is as straightforward as our new “Send to device” feature. While reading any article on the web version of Inoreader, open the three-dots menu […]

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Additions to rules #4 (new triggers and chaining of multiple rules)

If you are already using Inoreader, chances are that you already use rules or at least heard of them. Simply said they are an automatic way to organize and manage articles in your Inoreader, just like you organize your email. If you haven’t had the chance, check out our previous posts about how to save […]

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Inoreader for teams now allows you to securely collaborate on content

You can also read this post in Chinese. You probably already use Inoreader for your daily dose of fresh content. But have you wondered how such a tool can help you in your workplace? Today’s update can give you the answer. Introducing Inoreader for teams Inoreader for teams is our new plan, crafted specifically for […]

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