Android App release version 0.7.2

It’s our pleasure to bring you another update today after our public release of InoReader version 7.2 and the Google Chrome extension version 2.0. It’s our new Android release version 0.7.2! You can get it at Google Play. We have put a lot of effort into this version to bring you the most wanted feature – […]

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Google Chrome Extension 2.0

We are happy to bring you our major update to the Google Chrome extension. This update makes the extension something a lot more than just a notifier. By clicking on the extension icon, you will now see a popup, which shows you a preview with all updated feeds and folders. You can also use search […]

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More control over comments

You can see that we are focused lately on the social stuff. Why? Because it was always there in front of you, but there were many obstacles that made it not very usable or friendly. Comment has improved, but one thing with them remained. Many people don’t know that comments in InoReader are actually public […]

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We told you there’s a little easter egg in the latest beta. It was visible, but not yet fully functional. Today it is available in Don’t ever miss an interaction inside InoReader again. Untill now you had to rely on emails to get notifications about comment reply and they were very limited. Currently you will get […]

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Themes, full Right-To-Left support and more

We are excited to present you our new version in When we designed our new version, the default theme was carefully crafted to be comfortable for long-time reading by using less contrast and calmer colors than the old version. After the beta launch, we have received a lot of feedback from you (Thank you!) an a […]

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Revamped comments and other stuff in beta

Did you know you can comment on articles in InoReader? Chances are you didn’t, even though comments are available since the beginning of the project.   At first they were only public, because the idea was to help people with similar interest connect with each other and discuss on articles they like. Shortly after we […]

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Inoreader version 7.2 (and the new blog)

  Good news everyone!  Version 7.2 of Inoreader is out Update 10 March 2014: This is now our stable version! Thank you all for testing. The changes are many. The most notable one is the look. We know for a long time that design wasn’t our strongest part. We have built the reader very rapidly mostly with […]

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